Yes- You Can Have a Professional Website Too!

The days are long over where professional dynamic websites are reserved for big businesses with deep pockets. Remember those days? Where personal and small business websites consisted of 5 static HTML pages consisting of a couple colors, large images that would take forever to load, and way too much textual content. It was impossible for the site visitor to interact with anything on the site and adding new media and content to pages was a highly technical task requiring the website owner to search for the developer who had long since changed their number and moved on to another project. Does any of this sound familiar? Sadly, this perception is still out there today. Small businesses are either paying too much money to rely on someone to update an old and antiquated site or many believe the cost of producing a professional site is out of their budget.


Enter the world of CMS, or rather WordPress.

WordPress is an open source (free) content management system that can be defined in 2 ways for the developer and the client:

  • Website Developer- WordPress uses Website Technologies (HTML, CSS, Javascript) in conjunction with server side technologies (PHP, MySQL) to provide a powerful dynamic website which can store and retrieve data.
  • Client – WordPress is an internet application that is used to easily update website content without requiring a high degree of technical ability or the need to purchase any specialized software. All you need is an internet connection and any WordPress website can be updated quickly and instantly. More importantly, you don’t need to rely on a Web Developer/Designer to maintain or update your website. You can do it yourself.

The general perception of WordPress is that it is a free generic blogging tool where people can sign up for a free account and post personal articles to update family and friends on their latest receipes or last vacation. But in reality, WordPress is far more than that. It is a website platform that is capable of handling transactions (ecommerce), managing social communities, having private membership areas and much more. Developers have created thousands of plugins or applications that can be added to any WordPress site in order to provide enhanced website functionality.

Because WordPress is a platform that integrates advanced website technologies, it has the ability to be as simple or complex as needed. From casual bloggers to small businesses to Fortune 500 corporations, WordPress is capable of providing a solid foundation for any website project. In other words, you cannot go wrong with using WordPress to build your site.

Consider the following statistics:

  • In 2011 14.7% of the top 1 million websites were powered by WordPress.
  • 48% of the top blogs are built on WordPress.
  • Over 70 million websites are powered by WordPress.
  • 1/4 of all new websites are published on the WordPress framework.

So now that it is clear on what WordPress is and how it can be used to build a professional and powerful interactive site for your business. The follow up you need to ask is “How can I find a good WordPress developer?” Now that’s a great question, deserving of its own article.

Until Next Week,


*for more information on WordPress statistics: WordPress Article