How Starting a Blog Can Help Your Business

One of the most important questions I am often asked by clients when developing their website is: “Should I incorporate a blog into my site?” I always respond with an unequivocal “YES, of course!” But I also want to know why they think it may not be important, and the response generally surrounds two issues:
  • It takes a lot of time and is it worth my time?
  • Who is going to care about what I have to say?
My clients want to know: “Where is the value or the return?” If nobody is interested in the content, then why take the time to produce, edit, and share?
I understand the hesitation in starting something with no apparent immediate return, but investing the time and energy in a blog pays off in three crucial ways for your website business success:
Reaching Your Target DemographicYou think you have nothing interesting to say? Nonsense. If you have a website, then you have products and/or services that people want or need, which also means you have important information about those products and services that is useful to others. Take a few minutes and write down some frequently asked questions you often hear about your business or jot down common feedback you get from customers after they have purchased your product or used your services. I bet you can come up with at least 10 topics in just a few minutes. Blogs are also a great way to advertise events, promote yourself, or offer deals to potential customers. Just make sure to keep the content relevant to your business. The idea is to integrate the blog with your products and/or services, so you’ll be targeting your specific demographic. People are out there looking for your business, so give them a way to find you!Driving Organic Traffic to Your WebsiteWhen you post new content to your website, Google comes back to index your site more frequently, so the likelihood that a searcher will enter the appropriate search keywords to find you increases dramatically. A static website with content that never changes will not return high on search engine results pages. On the other hand, if you are a website designer like me, for example, and write blog articles on all things related to web design, then the chances that someone searching for SEO help, blog help, or design help will find you increases dramatically. Before we started our blog, we were averaging 40 visits per month to our website. Last month, after only a few months of blogging, our site’s monthly visit count was at 176 with 600 page views. Not only are more people finding us, but they’re visiting over three pages (on average) per visit to the site; this tells us that they are finding the information they want or need. Our website traffic has increased by nearly three times in a very short time!Increasing Website AuthorityGoogle ranks each page on a website. The higher the page ranking, the more “authority” Google gives to your site, which means that if someone searching for keywords when multiple sites meet the criteria, the website with the highest page ranking gets the better placement. The best way to increase your website’s authority is by getting quality links to your website. For example, we write articles about tools for small business websites and if a reputable website, such as A List Apart, links to one of our articles, then Google will increase the ranking of our website. Not only is this a valuable tool for networking with other websites that are already proven authorities in your field, but because they link to your website, they also are essentially vouching for your website’s authority as well. It is a win on both counts!
By dedicating yourself to creating new content on your site, you have the ability to expand your website’s reach, attract new customers/clients, and grow your business. The best part is that the cost is completely FREE. Yes, you will spend some of your time, of course, but that’s why DVRs were invented. 🙂
Until Next Week,