Evernote: A Powerful Cloud-Based Collaboration Tool


We use many applications in our Website Design business. While some are free and others are paid, the goal is that each would provide a specialized use to make it easier for us to do our jobs and run our business more effectively. Let’s face it – being a small business owner requires that I wear a lot of different hats and take on varying responsibilities. Applications that allow me to be more efficient and more productive in my work are instrumental to my business success. While it is important to seriously consider paying for certain applications, there are equally important free applications that are available as well.

I wrote an article about using Dropbox as a valuable cloud-based storage application for sharing files and documents. Because Kelli and I work on a variety of website projects at one time, team collaboration is a necessity, which brings me to another cloud-based information sharing application:


Where Dropbox succeeds as an effective, secure holding place for us to exchange files and information, Evernote’s power lies in providing a project management software application that can be accessed on any device. Evernote is cross platform, meaning it can be installed on Macs or PC devices. Even the mobile application is free and easy to navigate and use.

Within Evernote, we’re able to create multiple Notebooks, each focusing on a specific Website Project we’re working on. Within each Notebook, we can create new files, add media, update notes — and Evernote will sync everything to all of our work devices. Everything is managed within Evernote, so you never have to search for those updated project notes or ideas that you forgot to email to the rest of your team members.


  • Can be installed and set up in minutes
  • Has a small learning curve
  • Is flexible and accessible from all devices and platforms
  • Easy to add textual content as well as digital media

I have to hand it to the folks at Evernote for producing an application that is easily scalable for small and large businesses, as well as solving the difficult task of seamless and effective project collaboration.

I mentioned that Evernote is FREE too, right?

Until next time,