Top 5 Benefits of Using WordPress


We know WordPress is a powerful platform to create professional and dynamic websites, but we also understand that you may still be sitting on the fence wondering what a content management system does, or how WordPress is more than just a simple blogging platform? So, today we give you the Top 5 reasons to use WordPress as a platform to build your site.

1) Solid Framework
WordPress is on version 3.5.1 and is currently scheduling updates twice a year. This means that developers are constantly building and improving the framework by adding new features, enhancing security, or making existing features easier to use. The WordPress framework is constantly growing and expanding. This is great news.
2) Dynamic Content
Dynamic content is anything that is able to be stored or retrieved in a database. Do you want your users to fill out a contact form or application? Pay for a service or product? Or perhaps you want to create a social community where users can interact with each other? These are all examples of content that is dynamic, or constantly changing.
3) Easy to Update and Maintain
WordPress is updated through a dashboard panel. All pages and blog/news posts were designed based on a Word Processor layout. This means if you have ever used a a word processing application (like Microsoft Word) than you will be very familiar with updating your site’s content. Coding skills are not required. This is probably the most important reason we use WordPress. WordPress has brilliantly integrated the developer part of website building with the novice user part, allowing both to work successfully together.
4) Open Source
This means free. You don’t need to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on website software like Dreamweaver. High price tags and steep learning curves are no longer necessary. An Internet connection is all that is required to maintain and update your website. Your site is accessible from anywhere on any device, for free.
5) Plug-ins
Think about why your smartphone is such a powerful device for you – you install applications that are useful to you. WordPress works the same way. Developers are constantly building plug-ins or applications that integrate into your website adding enhanced functionality. Forms, RSS feeds, video content, image galleries, SEO, and back-ups are all examples of plug-ins that can be installed to enhance your site’s functionality. You don’t need to find and pay a developer to custom build a function for your site; it has already been done. This reduces your costs while allowing you to integrate new features quickly and efficiently based on your needs.

Each of these reasons stand on their own as reason enough to use WordPress for your website, but together this list demonstrates just how powerful WordPress is as a platform. More importantly, WordPress is always growing and expanding, so you can be secure in the knowledge that your website will be easily managed and updated for years to come.

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