It’s About Time for a Redesign

He Said

If you’re a returning visitor here, then I’m sure it’s pretty obvious that things look quite differently from the last time you visited us. We recently launched our brand new website and we’re very excited about it! In honor of our redesign, we’re writing a blog post giving you the top two reasons you may want to consider a redesign of your website.

Redesigning your website can be an extremely important, crucial step to attract new clients, improve your site’s functionality, and/or simply provide a better user experience for your visitors. I’m all about taking care of the people who visit your site — not only are they taking their time to look into what you have to offer, but they may be a potential client. So, from the techie’s point of view here, the number one reason to redesign your site is:

1. The user experience is spotty at best.

In our case, a redesign was necessary to make the user experience more user friendly. Because we work in the field of Website Design and Development, we obviously offer plenty of technical services, such as web hosting, PHP coding, MySQL databases, etc. Our previous site explained these services very well, but over time, we learned that our site visitors cared less about the technical elements required to meet their needs, and cared more about 1.) what it would be like working with us and 2.) the quality of the final product.

As a result, we focused our redesign on 1.) defining our unique collaborative process that we offer our clients 2.) conveying how this process results in a successful end product. We wrapped it all up in a clear and minimalistic design so that visitors are also not confused or distracted by unnecessary visual elements.

Are your visitors able to find what they need quickly and are they clear about what you offer?

Conversion rates are the percentage of visitors on your site that are converted from browsers into clients who are purchasing your services and/or products. There are many tools like Google Analytics that keep detailed records and track these metrics for you. In fact, there are professional experts trained in examining these numbers and translating them into actions. But most of these services are beyond a small business’ website budget, so what do you do?

Here’s a simple task.

Ask a few friends or family members who are unfamiliar with your site, products, and/or services to take a look at your site and provide you with feedback on their experience. When giving their feedback, are they: 1.) clear about what you offer and 2.) what actions they need to take to work with you. If they aren’t able to tell you both of these things after browsing around your website for 15-20 seconds, then you could very well have a user experience problem. Not only are you frustrating your visitor, but given that they are probably a potential client, you’re costing yourself valuable revenue. The average visitor spends 8 seconds deciding whether to stay on your site or move on, so you’ve got to be clear right off the bat.

And one reason not  to redesign your site:

I know we’re talking here about the reasons you should redesign your site, but before I go, I want to also give you one very important reason that you should not choose to redesign your site. A lot of time, energy, and money can go into redesigning your site, so it’s not something to take lightly. You may be comparing your site to others out there that are more flashy, have brighter colors, and use the latest visual tech components integrated into the site that give it an immediate visual WOW factor. Unfortunately, a visually compelling site might win some design awards and recognition, but these accolades have little to no correlation with customer conversion rates. Your site may look stunning, but if visitors don’t get the information they’re looking for (and quickly), they will get what they need elsewhere. Some of the most successful sites have minimalistic design elements . . . look at Apple.

Just remember, looking cool doesn’t always mean you actually are cool!
Check out Kelli’s #2 reason below!

Thanks for stopping by,
Matt Shane

She Said

So, Matt is all about the user experience, which you now know is very important for all of the above-mentioned reasons, but I think the second reason is equally important. How about YOUR experience?!?! The number two reason to redesign your  website is:

2. You aren’t excited about your website. 

You! As the owner of the business! You and your customer/client should go “hand in hand,” right? You are the one behind the website, providing the information, products, and services. And the user is the one on the receiving end if all goes well! But if you aren’t excited about your website anymore, something needs to change.

I’m not talking about if you just want a few little tweaks here and there — that obviously doesn’t require a complete overhaul. I’m talking about when you find that you’re no longer giddy about your site! Matt’s going to laugh at me here . . .

“Really, Kelli, giddy?”

Yes! We all deserve to be excited about our work, and I’m telling you, if you are excited about every aspect of your business (including your website), your potential customers and clients will feel it . . . and, in turn, it will excite them too. You gotta be proud of how you are showcasing what you do for a living. A site redesign project may be just what you need to breathe life back into your online presence and your business.

Although we were super excited and loved our previous site when we first launched it, we gradually came to merely like it, and finally realized it wasn’t a matter of liking it or loving it — we just outgrew it. I don’t mean in terms of size; I’m talking about growth as it relates to refining our purpose and intention as a small business start-up.

If you’ve already taken a look at our Services page, you probably noticed our new 4-Phase Web Design Process. We have incorporated aspects of this process since the beginning, but our redesign inspired us to translate it into a language that was clear and concise for our clients interested in the creative, collaborative process that Matt mentioned above. Now, when our clients enter a business relationship with us, they not only know we have the technical know-how to create a stunning finished product, but they are also clear about the entire process, from beginning to end.

From the time we launched our initial site until now, we have undergone many changes. We’re the same husband and wife team, but we have learned a tremendous amount about how we want to work with our clients and how we want to operate our business. Naturally, the look, feel, layout, and language on our site were no longer representing all that we had to offer, and it was time for a change that we could get excited about. We hope the new changes serve you better and get you excited about working with us and your clients/customers!

“Think excitement, talk excitement, act out excitement, and you are bound to become an excited person. Life will take on a new zest, deeper interest and greater meaning. You can think and talk yourself into dullness or into monotony or into unhappiness. By the same process, you can build up inspiration, excitement, and surging depth of joy.”
~Norman Vincent Peale

Kelli Shane