Leverage Your Facebook Business Page

I was going over the business expenses for MSK and realized that in the last 12 months we have launched over 20 websites.
20 websites!
And WordPress Website Design is only a piece of the work that we do in addition to website maintenance, specific website projects, social media marketing campaigns, and email marketing campaigns.
While looking over the list of sites, my first thought was:

Wow, we have spent ZERO money on marketing to get all of these projects.

That’s right. Our full list of clients and website projects have come to us through spending exactly ZERO dollars on marketing. By simply leveraging the potential reach of our social media networks, we gain exposure and followers of our business. The big secret? Offer great content that has value to your clients – past, present, and future.
Here are a couple tips on creating valuable content on your Facebook Business Page:

He Said:

Share a Daily Tip
Share something daily with your fans that will assist them in their day-to-day business operations. We recommend quick daily tips because 1.) you will be more likely to commit to posting them if you know the task is not time-consuming, and 2.)  they’re short, informative, and should be engaging, which results in your fans liking, commenting on, and sharing your tip with others. This extends the potential reach of your tips beyond your immediate network and into your friends’ networks, which is a fantastic way to reach more fans/clients/customers. Click here to check out the Daily Tip we created today for our Facebook fans. 

She Said:

Create a Quote Image
I love Matt’s recommendation to Share a Daily Tip because, like most of us I have a lot on my plate, so I’m more likely to commit to something that is not a time suck. Sharing a daily tip is a great alternative to all the wonderfully creative, time-consuming ideas I come up with (like the one I’m about to share). I can’t help myself. I’m an artist and I thrive off creating things. But sometimes I just don’t have enough time to do it all. So, that’s when my husband gently reminds me that I’m not Superwoman. It usually goes something like this: “The world will not end if you share a Daily Tip, rather than a Quote Image.” Okay, okay. But of course, if I have/make the time and I’m feeling especially creative, then I simply must create a Quote Image. We recommend these little sparkles on Facebook because 1.) they can break up the mundane tasks of your work day and give you a creative outlet for a few minutes, and 2.) these little pieces of visual content are more appealing than a block of text and therefore result in a lot more likes, comments, and shares. Hubspot published a really interesting and helpful article about how photos on Facebook generate 53%  more ‘likes’ than the average post. So, there you have it. Here are two very simple examples of Quote Images I created in Photoshop.