Client Description

Client: Renato Biribin Jr.
Location: Los Angeles, California
Business: Bail Me Out Play The first thing audiences notice about my original play, Bail Me Out, is the language. It is profane, vulgar, sexually descriptive, and relentless. Like many artists raised in North Central Jersey, I empathize with the ups, downs, trials, tribulations, successes, and failures of thousands of people in this region. Although this blue-collar story about a gay man coming out to his life-long best friend is obviously not representative of everyone living in Jersey, my goal with Bail Me Out is to represent the language, tone, drama, and action that occur in many Jersey homes today.

“Matt and Kelli are superb! Their strategy right from the beginning is client-focused. I would recommend their website services, expert opinion, and analysis to anyone searching to develop a top-notch online presence.”
Renato Biribin Jr., Bail Me Out Play