Client Description

Client: Jean Louis Rodrigue & Kristof Konrad
Location: based in Los Angeles, California
Business: Alexander Techworks consists of the internationally recognized coaching team of Jean-Louis Rodrigue and Kristof Konrad who offer private coaching, classes, and workshops on the Alexander Technique.

“Matt and Kelli Shane are the best website designers and managers we have worked with. They have been extremely responsive to our marketing, design, and creative needs, and they have been remarkably capable in translating this in a visual context. They have been enormously efficient and prompt in updating our site, and they have been able to solve complicated technical problems that required immediate attention. Matt and Kelli are great collaborators – personable, outgoing, creative individuals who are clear communicators. It is a pleasure to work with them, and we heartily recommend them.”
Jean-Louis Rodrigue & Kristof Konrad, Alexander Techworks