Share Your Website Files Using Dropbox


Remember the days when file sharing was strictly done through e-mail? When you had to upload each individual picture to your message and then send it? And you had to repeat this process multiple times because your e-mail provider limited the file size that you could upload. Not only was this frustrating and time-consuming, but it wasn’t practical. Important files would eventually sink deep into your inbox which meant finding them again to share or download was a day-long project.

The solution to this hassle is cloud storage. You may have heard the phrase before: “stored in the cloud.” Today, cloud storage has gone beyond simple photos, files, and documents. Applications can be run from the cloud without needing to be installed on your machine. So, what is the cloud? Simply defined, cloud storage is one central location where multiple devices can sync and access the same information. For example, if you store all your music files on your laptop, then the only means to access your songs would be if you were sitting in front of your laptop. But if you stored your songs in a cloud-based platform than you could listen to your music on your laptop, tablet, smartphone, or even your television. I bet you are familiar with Picasa, Flicker, YouTube, and even Facebook. All these companies use cloud storage to allow you access to the content you put in your account from any device. This is the new multidimensional approach to accessing information. Granted the technology isn’t new, but the term “cloud storage” is a relatively new concept. It first caught on years ago in the corporate world, but now its importance is being marketed to the everyday consumer and to small businesses. Sharing documents with one dimensional approaches using a platform like your e-mail account is outdated and no longer practical.

This is where an application like Dropbox proves its worth.

Dropbox offers cloud storage and file synchronization. It provides a place to quickly and securely exchange information. All you need to do is create a free account and install the Dropbox application on your computer. Then, you simply create and share folders with the people with whom you want to exchange information.

Being a web developer, I am constantly working on multiple projects at any given time, so I use Dropbox daily. My clients “drop” files in the Dropbox for me and when I change any of these files, the client can see the changes immediately. I don’t have to worry about sending separate e-mails with updates and revised attachments because it’s already done in Dropbox. I am more efficient with my work and my clients don’t have to wonder about the work I am doing or where to find it.

Are you using Dropbox already? If not, check it out here. Or maybe you use another service like Dropbox that you find useful? I’d love to hear your comments.