Top 5 Free Apps For Website Designers

As a Website Designer and Developer, there is a lot of information to try to store and reference in my mind. Depending on the project, I may be working with code languages, such as HTML 5, PHP, CSS, and JavaScript. On the other hand, I could be working with digital media using Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere, or Adobe Fireworks. The desire to know everything can be overwhelming at times. There are few other careers that require a depth of knowledge from so many overlapping and yet independent technologies, all at the same time. Thankfully, there are a lot of good applications available to help assist us in most aspects of our work. The best part about these applications: they are free! Here is a list of my top free 5 apps that I rely on to be an effective Website Designer:

Best Free Apps for Website Designers

My clients usually want specific fonts, but never know what they are. And as developers, it can be boring to use the same small group of web standard fonts. Sure, they are readable, but they may also be bland, boring, and lack any sort of creative look. If you’re designing a creative website, there is nothing that kills creativity like a font in the sans serif or arial font family. WhatTheFont allows you to upload a picture of any font and then matches the image with the font type. I had a client say, “I really like the font from the company Free People.” Thanks to WhatTheFont, I was able to match it quickly and find a similar type.
CSS Reference
Having a hard time remembering a CSS property or attribute? You don’t need to memorize them all. I use the CSS Reference app all the time on my iPhone or iPad to find CSS values that I need in my website design projects.
Palettes Lite
Colors don’t mean anything to Website Designers. I don’t care about red, green, orange, or blue; I care about their hex values. Gray means #4A4344 to me and Cyan is #00ffff. Palettes Lite allows you create color schemes for websites. This is a very helpful app when I am putting together color palettes or even matching values with colors my clients have provided.
HTML5 Reference Guide
This is a comprehensive guide to every HTML5 tag. It’s a fantastic reference to quickly find the tags you are looking for to speed up writing your HTML5 code.
I can’t say enough how much I rely on Dropbox daily to exchange information with my clients. It syncs with every device so I can access my data on my phone, laptop, desktop, or iPad, meaning the content is always accessible. I dedicated an article specifically to using Dropbox for your small business. Check it out: Dropbox Article.

If you are looking for a great website resource to refresh your coding skills, check out W3Schools.

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