Top Free Apps Website Designers Need

Top Free Apps For Web Designers

This is the second part of an article titled Top Free Apps for Website Designers Part 1.

The first part of this series focused on the best free applications that I use when working on a website design project. This article focuses on the business or administration side of my website design business. Admittedly, while not as fun, these applications are equally important and help me keep my business running efficiently — and the quicker I can get the administrative tasks out of the way, the more website design projects I can work on!


I have written an article on this site about Evernote before and I can’t emphasize enough the importance of this application in project management and collaboration. It’s a digital notebook that stores information and syncs to all of your devices. Team members or clients are able to update projects by quickly adding notes and digital media to project notebooks which are instantly synced. Project Management and Administration has never been easier. You will never again need to look for another sticky note or piece of scratch paper again. Keep and manage all your project and business information in one place. allows you to quickly create to do lists and reminds you of them. It is a great application for setting daily tasks or project goals and holds you accountable with updates and reminders. When you’re working as a small business it’s easy to get pulled in many directions and then get off task. helps to remind you which tasks are most important and need your immediate attention.

Last Pass Wallet

Passwords, Passwords, Passwords . . . this may be one of the most important aspects of any web designer’s job and possibly one of the most frustrating. While working on various projects, it’s not only easy to get overwhelmed with the amount of passwords you need to remember, but you also need to find a secure place to keep them. You can’t write them down and keep them in your email. You need one secure, easily accessible place where you never need to worry about remembering what that latest password is to keep your business or project moving forward.


Mailbox is a superior mail application that organizes your emails. Clear out your inbox and keep it organized by assigning times to reply and respond to email messages – next day, next week, next month, etc .

Google Voice

As a small business, it’s important to get your contact information out on the web, but you don’t want to publicize your personal cell phone number. Google Voice is a great, free alternative. Set up a Google Voicemail box in your area code (through your Google account) and you can have a business number without providing your personal cell phone number. Potential clients call your business number, it rings to your personal cellphone, and Google Voice answers the call in a separate voicemail box. Google Voice allows you to check any messages from callers who dialed your Google Voice number, so you know which calls are for business. It’s completely FREE and easy to set up.

Those are my top 5 FREE applications for the administration part of my small business. Do you use any others?

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