Through kindness, creativity, and quality, we honor our responsibility to co-create your clear, empowering online presence.
All the while, celebrating that all of us are creating the life we love, one step at a time.


It goes a long way.


We believe in the power of kindness. There are lots of things that are out of our control, but being kind isn’t one of them. We strive to show kindness to each other, our clients, vendors, and the world at large.


It inspires everything.


We believe in the power of the imagination to spark creativity because it allows us to do what we do and to do it well. We strive to support a community of people who have a like-minded appreciation for artistry.


It's what we stand for.


We believe that we have a responsibility to take the utmost care in doing what we do. We strive to create and provide an exceptional experience for our clients and their audience.


A web guru couple who believes in using technology and design to elevate businesses and serve the greater good.

Matt Shane
Matt Shane
After spending my college years studying liberal arts, I ventured into educational technology and quickly discovered my natural talents of merging creativity with technology. After earning mulitple certifications in web development technologies and programming, I founded MSK Digital Media. Now, with 10+ years of experience in web development and 6+ years as an entrepreneur, I’m creating the life and business I want while serving and supporting people who inspire me.

When I’m not playing my role as an entrepreneur, I’m a home brewer who believes in the power of sarcasm, homemade dog treats, Lord Stanley, and Lake Tahoe.

Kelli Shane
Kelli Shane
While managing my own online presence as an actress and model, I joined forces with Matt to bring my 8+ years of experience in self-employment, branding, and marketing to MSK Digital Media. We hit the ground running as a team and we haven’t stopped learning and growing ever since. Now, with 13+ years of experience in entrepreneurship, I continue my work as an artist while empowering entrepreneurs through elevating their online presence.

When I’m not playing my role as an entrepreneur, I’m a yogi who believes in the power of meditation, dancing, laughter, Doodles, and Morning Pages.

We love our clients.

Thankfully, the feeling is mutual.

“Delightful, professional, responsive, and intensely customer-needs-focused. I highly recommend MSK to any business wishing to enhance its image and marketing reach on the web.”
Harry Saunders, Decision Processes Inc.
“Matt and Kelli are superb! Their strategy right from the beginning is client-focused. I would recommend their website services, expert opinion, and analysis to anyone searching to develop a top-notch online presence.”
Renato Biribin Jr., Actor, Writer, Producer
“Intelligent, motivated, responsive and incredibly friendly, they are an absolute pleasure to work with. Incredibly professional and creative, I have full faith and trust in them, as they continue to over-deliver results that I am proud to share with my audience and community.”
Lou Mongello, WDW Radio

Our Interview with Keep Moving Forward

Katy Galli invited us onto her inspiring podcast, Keep Moving Forward, where she features interviews with individuals who have beat the odds, are going the distance, and continue to keep moving forward.

Listen to the interview below to hear more about why we do what we do and how we got started as a husband and wife team. Then head on over to Keep Moving Forward to listen to more of Katy’s inspiring interviews. Did you say Rudy Ruettiger?!

 Giving Back

We believe in giving back to our local and global community, so every month, a portion of our time and/or income goes toward helping the below causes do their amazing work for children and animals in need.

Small-town locals with a global reach.

We live in Lake Tahoe while we collaborate with and support clients who live all over the world.

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