Custom Built Websites All the Way!

He Said:

I wrote an article here a while back about the marketing advantages of having a small business website. But simply having one isn’t enough. Your website needs to stand out by taking many important factors into consideration: SEO metrics, calls-to-action, User Navigation, and Digital Media Optimization, to name a few.
Here are a few reasons why we provide our clients with custom built websites rather than fixed template websites:

Ownership of Your Website

Your business will evolve and expand over time and your website should do the same. Therefore, having complete ownership of your website files is necessary. You don’t want another company determining the types of files you can access, add, and/or modify. One reason that fixed template websites are a less expensive alternative to custom built sites is, in part, due to the limitations of fixed templates.

Cost Control & Customization

Creating and supporting a successful website while growing your business is more complex than simply paying a monthly service fee for a generic website template. Initially, it may be more cost effective, but in the long-term, if you continue to make monthly payments, you will pay as much as 2-3 times more than having a custom site built for you. Additionally, our custom websites are designed and built specifically around your brand and business — not the other way around, forcing you to build your brand and business around a generic template.


When taking the leap to create your website, there are many elements to consider in addition to simply initiating your online presence. When you’re working with someone you trust who will implement all of these important elements into your site, the returns are invaluable. These elements include: making sure potential clients can easily find you (via SEO), quick page load times, clearly designed calls-to-action, website architecture, contact information layout, and more — all will increase your visitor conversion rates, meaning more customers, more sales, more success.

She Said:


The most unique part of choosing to have your website custom built as opposed to purchasing a fixed website template is the collaboration that takes place between you and the company you’ve hired — as long as they’re a company that operates like us, of course. 🙂
We believe in working with our clients in a way that is personal and collaborative from the start because we view your online presence as an extension of you and your business. And we don’t believe that this can be properly conveyed if you’re working within a fixed template on your own without an expert, as opposed to working collaboratively with an experienced team. Simply said, fixed templates limit you and the possibilities for expressing yourself and your business on the web.
We have had a few consultations in which we have advised the potential client to check out fixed template options because he/she wasn’t initially comfortable paying more for a custom built website. But more times than not, these potential clients come back to us as actual clients because they do their research and discover that they are getting what they pay for with both options. There isn’t any collaboration with a team supporting you when you pay a monthly fee to a “service,” and are responsible for plugging in your business to a fixed template. We offer a 4-Phase Process that makes our clients feel comfortable investing in themselves and their business, and we support them long after the launch as their business grows.