Optimize Your Facebook Business Page

He Said:

1.) It’s in the Details:
It may sound obvious, but you would be surprised how many Facebook business pages leave out the most important details of their business. Make sure you’ve included your hours of operation, phone number, email address, and physical address in the appropriate fields. Even if you think this is obvious and you’re sure you’ve done it, double-check. You can model yours after ours by checking it out here.
2.) Post Regularly with QUALITY content:
I think we can agree that your business page is a great free marketing tool, but if you’re using it solely for self promotion (to push your latest deals, offers, or referral requests), then your fans WILL tune you out. You don’t want your business placed in a category no better than a telemarketer or, even worse, an email marketing spammer. Eventually, your fans may even “unlike” your page, so they don’t have to see your posts in their feed! Your reputation as a small business is dependent upon your client’s perception of you and you don’t want to dig yourself out of a poor reputation. That costs a lot of time and money. So, be balanced – in addition to promoting your business and upcoming deals, share worthy content with your client base that can help them. For example, if you’re a landscaper, now would be an opportune time to share the latest information on plant care in frigid temperatures. Your clients in cool temperatures will surely be grateful, and chances are they won’t want to go outside, so they may remember the helpful information you provided and hire you or share your info with a friend!

She Said:

3.) Add Your Website Address to the Short Description Area:
Matt’s right – it IS in the details. It’s easy to overlook a couple key moves you can make in just a few minutes to expand your reach on your Facebook business page. Matt mentioned adding your contact details to the appropriate fields, so, do that. And then, add your website to one more often-overlooked place. Right under your business profile picture is a space for you to write a little blurb about your business, also known as the “short description” field. Facebook doesn’t prompt you to write your website address in this area, but this is often the first area fans check out to see what your business is about! So, make sure that after you write a short description about your business, you follow it with your website address. You want to make it as easy as possible for your fans to find your website, but if you simply follow Facebook’s lead, your website will be hidden behind the “About” link — don’t make your fan click twice to find your site! Having a website adds legitimacy to your business, so make sure your fans see this right away. See the yellow outlined area below to see how it looks on our page:

4 Tips for your Facebook Business Page

4.) Claim Your Business Name
You want to make it as easy as possible for your fans to find you, right? So, claim your business name in your Facebook business page URL (Facebook calls this your username) instead of letting it remain as a bunch of jumbled letters and numbers no one will remember. For example, ours is: http://www.facebook.com/MSKdigitalmedia. Not only does this make it easier for  our fans, but we can now use this fancy URL on our marketing materials. So, next time you get your business cards printed, guess what contact information you should add? That’s right, your personal Facebook business page URL! Here’s how to claim your business name on Facebook:
  • Open your Admin Panel at the top of your Business Page.
  • Click “Edit Page.”
  • Select “Update Page Info” from the drop-down menu.
  • Click “Edit” next to “Facebook Web Address.”
  • Check the availability and confirm your new URL!
The only catch is you can only change your URL once, so if you have any plans on changing your business name in the near future, you should hold off until you’re committed to your name.
And if you’re really in the mood to be social media savvy, claim your name on all your other social media networks too, especially Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, and YouTube, for a start. Even if you don’t have the time now to complete your entire profile and be active on these accounts, you can at least claim your business name for the future. And don’t forget we’re always here to help if you’d like help setting up and/or managing your accounts.
Curious about more tips or want additional advice about your Facebook business page? Comment below or drop us a note via our Contact Form. Thanks for reading!